Meet Ana.

“Dress for Success helped support me in an important step in my life. By providing professional clothing and hosting workshops, Dress for Success helps improve the confidence needed to be successful in the job hunting process”

Educated as an accountant in her native Columbia, Ana moved to Ottawa because her husband was accepted as a PhD student at the University of Ottawa. Ana studied English as a Second Language for a couple of years, and found work as an accounting assistant. After taking maternity leave, Ana returned and was reassigned to a position in customer service and sales. Faced with long commutes and increased time away from her family, Ana looked for other opportunities.

Ana first heard of Dress for Success at an event hosted by International Talent Acquisition Centre. “My first boutique consultation was great!” said Ana. “I felt that because of cultural differences, it was very important to have a Canadian opinion on the right clothing for an interview. The consultants were very positive and encouraging, and offered tips and advice to prepare me for a job interview. Having the perfect clothes helped give me confidence and allowed me to focus on preparing for an interview.”

Ana also met with Dress for Success volunteers to practice her interviewing skills and attended the All Women Empowered Conference. The event provided her with more tools for her job search, workplace etiquette, and tips for healthy living.

The continued support from Dress for Success helped keep Ana’s motivation up while she sought out job opportunities closer to her field. Just under a year after Ana walked through the boutique doors, she was offered a position with a great organization. She is currently enjoying working on her field of expertise. She is very thankful for all of the support and tools that Dress for Success has provided her in her journey.

Thank you for your support and for helping women like Ana!

Stepping Out 2019